Office cubicles

The aluminium cubicles, glass and wood panels have become in recent times an indelible part of administration buildings being built today.

To meet your needs for spacious and cosy work premises, we at Alumina Elite can offer a number of systems featuring thick or transparent cubicles which can provide visibility and privacy.

Our systems possess a high degree of insulation – from Rw (C; CTR) = 50 (0;2) dB to Rw (C; CTR) = 55 (0;2) dB , depending on the materials chosen. The noise insulation coefficient has been proven during trials and tests of the product in a certified laboratory.

Visibility can be limited by building in blinds between the glass parts by using thick panels, matted glass or tinted foil, glued to the glass.

Openability is done by system integrated doors, made entirely of glass, thick panels of wood veneer, or painted in colour.