Composite Facades

We at Alumina Elite offer „ALUCOBOND”, „ETALBOND” composite material for the exterior facing of buildings, as it has excellent properties and a very smooth surface, a variety of colours and shaping. It has been developed as both resistant and flexible for façade facing.

The composite material is very resistant to changes in the weather, resistant to strike, it is non-fragile, and reduces vibrations. As a light material, consisting of two aluminium roof sheets, and a plastic core, the flexible product offers architects and designers unlimited possibilities of creative, innovative and custom planning. The elements can be easily made and installed on the spot. The wide range of interior and exterior use of the product is almost as varied, as its properties.

The result of the material’s composite structure is an impressive ratio between strength and weight, even when sheets of large sizes are compared. Despite the low weight which makes it easy to transport and operate at the factory and on the site, its resistance and high strength allow the panels to keep their shape, even when they are exposed to extreme temperature changes. For decades the composite material has been in use for a facing system with back ventilation, and protects the building from erosion, and the harmful effect of industrial and environmental pollution. The exterior facing system used acts as a barrier against sun radiation. The distance between the composite sheets and the wall or the thermal insulation, reduce the transmission of heat.

The ventilation facade system used with the composite material protects the wall of the building against abrupt changes in temperature.