Aluminium windows

The choice of windows goes all the way from the standard window, through the designer-styled window, and the special windows for renovation of old buildings, and finally, the stylish windows with bevelled contours and fine profiles. We at Alumina Elite offer and produce ready-made items from „Schüco” window systems, which is an outright leader on a global scale.
The aluminium is susceptible to very precise processing, making it possible for us to fulfil any preferences for the windows you may have.

By having aluminium windows installed, you can achieve:

Energy efficiency - through the thermal insulation characteristics of aluminium systems
Safety – through the choice of lining:
WK 1 –main protection against physical force;
WK 2 – protection against burglary attempts using tools such as a standard screwdriver, pincers and wedges
WK 3 – protection against attempts to break the locked and bolted construction parts with a second extra instrument – screwdriver or lever
Design – various shapes, as well as an entirely hidden system lining „Avan Tec” /with no visible hinges/
Remote control and automation – through a control device up to 30 windows can be connected and controlled
Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system – the windows „Schüco” „Tip Tronik” offer connection into the RWA system for heat and smoke exhaust ventilation systems in the event of fire.

Schüco AWS 70.HI windows offer a comprehensive range of solutions for special design requirements.
With its bevelled outer corners, the Design Contour RL (Residential Line) is ideally suited to refurbishment projects or for added visual emphasis. The Schüco Window AWS 70 ST.HI system, with its very narrow steel contour, is ideal both for refurbishing old steel windows or fitting new homes with attractive steel-look windows.

Basic frame depth 70 mm
High thermal insulation range
Inward and outward opening
Vent weight up to 160 kg
Burglar resistance to BS 7950 and EN V 1627 WK 3

AWS 75 SI+
Outstanding thermal insulation for basic depth of 75 mm: Uf values from 0.9 to 1.6 W/m²K
Enlarged insulation zone with foam-filled insulating bars
Optimised, co-extruded centre gasket
Novel design of thermal insulation in glazing rebate
Wide range of profiles including the Schüco AWS 75 RL.SI design system
Compatible with the Schüco ADS door range

AWS 90 SI+
Highest levels of thermal insulation with a basic depth of 90 mm: Uf value 1.0 W/m²Kw (face width of 117 mm)
U = 0.8 W/m²Kg (with U = 0.6 W/m²K and plastic spacers)
Co-extruded centre gasket with of fins
Optimised insulation zone with foam-filled insulating bars
Comprehensive range of profiles for diverse solutions
Compatible with door series ADS 90 PL.SI