Entrance doors

Schüco’s ADS 65, ADS 70HI, ADS 75SI door thermal insulation systems are a good solution to entrance doors because of their adequate thermal insulation, safety, functionality and design.

Possible connection to the building’s security and automation. The doors are intended for heavy-duty operation, after having successfully passed trials up to 1 000 000 cycles of opening and closing.

Burglary protection from WK2 with ADS 65 to WK3 with ADS 70 HD.

Excellent combination with Schüco’s façade and window systems.

System name ADS 65.HD
Thermal insulation
U value in W/m²K 2,31 1,89 1,72
Automatic sealing of the doorstep
Building depth in mm 65 70 75
Maximum size of wing - width 1100 1100 1100
Maximum size of wing - height 2200 2200 2200
Maximum weight of wing - kg 90 120 120
Opens to the inside
Opens to the outside
Frame and wing in one plane
Overlapping wing
For side entrance
For residential building
For public building
Hidden hinges
Roll hinge
External hinge
WK3 (option for ADS HD)
Evacuation door option
Emergency exit fittings DEN EN 1125/179
Hinges protected against vandalism
Integrated building management
Door control
Card reader
Fingerprint reader
Remote control
Flat doorstep
Горен автомат
Keyless entry
Automatic door opener