The HPL (High Pressure Laminates) made by Funder Max и ABET LAMINATI, which we at Alumina Elite offer, are a material suitable for façade facing – ventilatable facades, belt between the floors, balconies, balustrades, etc. TheHPL exterior panels are made with a surface which provides colour longevity and UV protection. The surface and the core of the panels are not affected by sun, rain, humidity, and are also resistant to abrupt changes in temperature. The outer layer of the HPL panels prevents dirt from building up on the surface or the edges.

HPL –Compact laminate panels aredone at high temperature and pressure, whose core consists of a few layers of craft - paper impregnated with thermoactive resin.A decorative layer of coloured paper, impregnated with melamine resin is added to the surface. Its production uses a technology which provides a smooth and closed surface structure, which prevents bacteria, fungi and moulds from growing, or dangerous chemical elements from building up, so the panels’ edges do not need further protective coating.

The HPL panels for ventilatable facades provide natural ventilation. The distance of 5-10 cm between the inner sheet and the thermal insulation along the entire height and surface of the building, achieved through aluminiumsubconstruction, allows air circulation from bottom to top. This natural air circulation creates an air ‘curtain’ which on the one hand constantly evaporates the moisture, and, on the other hand, prevents mould and bacteria from growing.

The fire resistance of the material is comparable to that of solid wood, it does not melt or explode, and keeps stability for a long time. It is classified by the European institutes in the highest class for fire resistance of organic materials.