Company history / Virtual tour

The challenge for us at Alumina Elit is to contribute and participate in the process of designing and constructing buildings which fulfill specific functions – business centres, commercial and residential buildings, hotels, airports, schools, hospitals, etc.

Our main activity is supplying the materials required to produce and install glazed partition walls and doors, entrance doors, external windows and doors, rooflights, suspended glass facades, ventilatable facades, sun protection systems, etc, in order to participate in projects for designing building interiors and exteriors.

By participating in each project, we do our best to turn a dream into a really high-performance finished product. Our aim is to abide by the laws of nature and the main principles of interaction between all living things.

In the course of executing the projects, we discuss the areas of use of the products we offer, and satisfy our customers’ preferences and demands. Our products allow us to ensure energy efficiency and noise insulation in buildings, provide comfort at the work place and make your house into a cozy home. Our products protect the premises from overheating by the sun, from flames and fire, by taking the smoke out in the event of fire. The automation of some of the systems/products facilitates human activity.

Since 1997 to this day, we – the Alumina Elit team, have been increasingly aware of our customers’ needs, and continue to improve the way we offer our products and services. We use high-tech systems and materials in both design and production. The team of engineers, designers and high-skilled machine operators follow the innovations in our field and utilise them within our projects.

We believe that in this way we make people feel protected, and ensure a good living environment.

Over the course of the years, and its many years of experience, Alumina Elit has established itself as one of the leading and fastest developing companies for production and installation of aluminium systems /windows, doors, suspended glass facades/ etc. in Bulgaria. Over the recent years focus and priority of the company is developing of interior glazed partition walls systems and luxury interior and exterior doors as well as rooflights for natural lighting at home.

We are pleased that we can do that not just in Bulgaria but also abroad. Alumina Elit has carried out projects in England, Germany, Belgium and Tatarstan.