The ceramic sheets of exterior facing of buildings which we at Alumina Elite offer, are made by the leading producers of ceramic sheets - ArGeTon and Agrob Buchtal.

The various sized ceramic sheets provide an enormous advantage in determining the building’s raster.

The ceramic suspended facades can be designed in up to 50 colour nuances. The coating on the ceramic itself, too, is different. The producers offer natural, anti-graffiti and glazed coating.

The technological process for the production of ceramic facing, namely, the firing at high temperature ensures resistance to adverse weather conditions and UV radiation.

Ceramic facing provides excellent ventilation, thermal, water and sound insulation. It is resistant to fire and easy to recycle. The perfect smooth surface makes the sheet self-washing in the rain and cuts façade maintenance costs.

The easy installation, lack of holes which gather dust, water and bacteria, as well, as the option for a replacement of a random sheet on the wall, without dismantling of the sheets around it, make the ceramic façade facing suitable for trade centres, residential and office buildings.