Suspended glass facades

Suspended aluminium facades are a main component in energy-efficient buildings. They both save electrical energy and produce it. The aim is to reduce energy consumption and use renewable sources.

We at Alumina Elit design, produce and install suspended aluminium facades, using Schüco’s high-quality materials and software. We offer the time-tested, reliable systems FW50+ и FW50+SG as solutions to facades and roof glazing.

The openability of the suspended aluminium facades is possible thanks to the complete compatibility with Schüco’s door and window systems. The Openable parts which can be integrated, start with automatically driven roof windows through ventilation valves or windows opening in parallel, to multifunctional emergency doors and automated systems. The openable parts can be of the fire-and- smoke- protection series, noise insulated, and protection from burglary, resistant to bullets and explosion.

All products have been tested in compliance with the current norms by independent institutes, and meet the highest standard requirements.

System name FW 50+
FW 50+SG
Greatly heat-insulated
Uf-value in W/m²K 0.8 1.6
Visible width in mm 50 50
Pfosten-Rigalov design
Glass facade
Warm facade
Hot-cold facade
Roof glazing
AWS standard windows
AWS 102 / 102.NI
ADS doors
Max weight of glass in kg 400 400
Fireproofing W90
Burglary protection WK3
Bulletproofing FB4