Sliding doors

Schüco’S ASS 70 HI и ASS 77 HI system for doors opening by lifting and sliding provide openability of large components. Possible integration of control system/power opening.

Sliding doors are suitable for exterior solutions when designing single-family houses, residential buildings, conservatories, etc., thanks to their main characteristics – thermal and noise insulation, wind and water resistance.

Variety of colours.

Uw values of < 1.3 W/(m²K), depending on the design
Excellent drainage system with watertightness up to 1,050 Pa
Sliding and lift-and-slide systems with optimised thermal insulation
Vent weight up to 300 kg, available for up to 400 kg special design
High-quality fi ttings components for easy operation
High degree of transparency due to large vent sizes of up to 9 m², depending on the design

Thermal insulation: from Uf = 1.1 W/m²K
Face widths from just 30 mm in the centre section and a concealed outer frame provide maximum transparency and light penetration
Fast, quiet and convenient opening and closing at the touch of a button or optionally via manual operation
Innovative track solution for large vent weight of up to 500 kg
Security class RC 2 (WK2)
Wide range of designs with double or triple track outer frames, 90° cornerand electric or manual opening