Sliding doors

Schüco’S ASS 70 HI and ASS 77 HI system for doors opening by lifting and sliding provide openability of large components. Possible integration of control system/power opening.

Sliding doors are suitable for exterior solutions when designing single-family houses, residential buildings, conservatories, etc., thanks to their main characteristics – thermal and noise insulation, wind and water resistance.

We offer a wide variety of colours.

System name ASS 70 HI
Material aluminium aluminium
Security against burglary DIN V ENV 1627 bis 1630 WK2 WK2
Air conduction DIN EN 12207 Class 4
Wind resistance DIN EN 12210 B5
Maximum width 3000 mm 3200 mm
Maximum height 3000 mm 3500 mm
Maximum weight 400 kg 500 kg