Glazed partitions

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The glazed partition walls of aluminum, glass and wood panels have recently been an integral part of any new administrative building.

In order to meet your needs in building spacious and cozy workplaces, we in Alumina Elit can offer you several types of systems for implementation - solid or transparent glazed partition walls that can achieve visibility or privacy in the area.

Our systems have a high degree of sound insulation – from Rw (C; CTR) = 50 (0; 2) dB to Rw (C; CTR) = 55 (0; 2) dB. The coefficient of sound insulation has been proven in tests during tests of the product in a licenced laboratory.

Visibility can be limited by the incorporation of blinds between the glass parts; by using solid panels, frosted glass or colored foil glued to the glass.

Openability is achieved through system-integrated doors made entirely of glass, solid panels with wood veneer or painted in color.