Fire protection screens and doors

Every project for a new public building must comprise fire protection measures. We at Alumina Elite can help you with the choice of means, required for prevention. We make fireproof doors and shop windows using high-quality materials produced by „Schüco” – fireproof profiles, accessories and glass which are designed to stop the fire from spreading for a certain period of time, depending on the tests and trials passed.

They are intended not to let out the fumes and gases during the burning process. They insulate the premises not affected by the fire and reduce the transfer of heat energy.

The fire protection doors and shop windows can be produced with a fire safety class of EI30, EI60, EI90. With its panic lining, the doors provide further maximum protection in the event of fire. The emergency exits are released manually, with an installed circuit breaker, and centrally by the electrical wiring.

All doors have the required certificates in compliance with the European norm of safety.