RWA centrals are used in every new public or commercial building. We at Alumina Elite pay close attention to exhaustive consulting when it comes to choosing the right system, the technical incorporation and overall maintenance. We use the products of „Geze”, a firm of global reputation.

RWA means a ventilation system for taking out heat and smoke. Smoke is the most common cause of death in the event of fire. The heat and smoke ventilation systems save human life by not letting smoke into the fire exits. In the management of modern buildings, centrals provide not only security but also comfort. The existing heat and smoke ventilation valves are used to regulate the climate inside the building. RWA centrals contain, depending on the type of components to be served, control, regulation and power supply for the electric drive, and the smoke removal elements.

RWA centrals are easy to integrate into existing buildings. The products can be chosen according to the needs, and conforming with the required extra functions.