Folding doors

With Schüco’s system ASS 70 FD folding doors you can achieve 100% openability of the partitioned space. The wings quickly and compactly fold back sideways like a concertina. Folding is possible inwards and outwards, as well as left and right. When the inner space is limited, folding outwards in open position is the most appropriate option.

The folding doors are suitable for exterior solutions when designing single-family houses, residential buildings, conservatories, etc., thanks to their main characteristics - thermal and noise insulation, wind and water resistance.

We offer a wide variety of colours.

System name ASS 70 FD
Material aluminium
Security against burglary DIN V ENV 1627 bis 1630 WK2
Air conduction DIN EN 12207 Клас 3
Waterproofing DIN EN 12208
Weathertightness DIN EN 12208 8A
Wind resistance DIN EN 12210 B3
Maximum width 1200 mm
Maximum height 3000 mm
Maximum weight 100 kg