Folding doors

With Schüco’s system ASS 70 FD folding doors you can achieve 100% openability of the partitioned space. The wings quickly and compactly fold back sideways like a concertina. Folding is possible inwards and outwards, as well as left and right. When the inner space is limited, folding outwards in open position is the most appropriate option.

The folding doors are suitable for exterior solutions when designing single-family houses, residential buildings, conservatories, etc., thanks to their main characteristics - thermal and noise insulation, wind and water resistance.

Variety of colours.

Schüco ASS 70 FD: Compact quality

With units that slide to the right, to the left or in both directions, and smooth, low-noise operation of folding units, you have a high-quality system that can be used in a variety of ways.

Energy and security
A Ud value of under 2.0 W/m2K (with corresponding glazing) means high thermal insulation. Ask your local Schüco partner, who will not be able to name a more efficient set of components on the market.

Burglar resistance to resistance class WK2 and a high level of weather resistance against driving rain (up to 600 Pa) are just two of the outstanding features of this system.

This system can be opened both outwards and inwards, but you will not lose any living space due to the way in which the door leaves can be stored to one side. It is also suitable for balcony glazing.

The smooth, low-noise operation of the stainless steel tracks and a flat threshold, if required, make Schüco ASS 70 FD an ideal system for residential areas and public spaces. Sound reduction up to class 4 (40-44 db sound reduction) can be achieved thanks to the use of special panes.

Narrow profile face widths (as of 120 mm) and rounded profile contours ensure an attractive design – the outer frame and leaf frame are mitre-cut on all sides. A flush-fitted glazing bead enhances the well-balanced frame architecture. Concealed drainage is also possible, so that there is no need to compromise on good design.