Outdoor blinds add to the window’s functional entirety and protect the premises from overheating by keeping the sun rays from penetrating the glass. We at Alumina Elite design the components to be built in, supply and install various types of outdoor blinds available to us from Warema’s diversity of products.

Advantages of outdoor blinds:

• Reliable sun protection;
• Cooler rooms in the summer;
• Extra thermal insulation in the winter;
• Noise protection;
• Limited visibility inside the room;
• Extra security;

Alumina Elite offers some of the most popular type of façade blinds for sun protection and shading of rooms, consisting of a ready-made element which includes laminates of aluminium alloy, guide sidewaystracks or sliding cords, drive and control. They can be installed in rectangular and triangular windows.

By turning and lifting the laminates, façade blinds regulate the light, the sun and the heat entering the building. The drive is done from inside the room – manually by a crank or by an electric motor. Electric drive allows full automation and centralised control of each blind, as well as a group control of the individual facades for energy saving. The drive can be both independent for each blind, and group drive to several connected blinds.