WC cubicles

For premises where large groups of people work, and the hygiene requirements are high, we at Alumina Elite offer design and make WC and shower partitions of highly resistant material HPL (High Pressure Laminates).

The use of compact laminate panels ensures aesthetic, longevity and cleanlinessbecause of the properties they have:

- 100% waterproof
- Prevent bacteria and microorganisms from growing and reproducing
- Mechanical resistance
- Resistant to wear and tear
- Easy to clean and disinfect
- Resistant to cleansing agents and chemicals
- Resistant to burn

HPL(High Pressure Laminates) is highly suitable for premises in public buildings whose surfaces are wet – hospitals, factories, trade centres, barracks, hotels, public eating places, schools and kindergartens, sports and cultural centres, terminals, offices, etc.

Apart from HPL, WC and shower partitions are made of a construction which can contain aluminium profiles, or stainless profiles, which, too are highly resistant to moisture.

The materials selected by us are produced by world famous producers of HPL sheets – Funder Max и ABET LAMINATI who have the required quality certificates.