With the conservatory systems, you live in perfect harmony with nature – regardless of climate conditions. Our systems will meet every single demand, whether it is for standard components, individual styling options or accessories, for example ventilation or sun protection.

Conservatories are an ideal solution to enjoy flowers regardless of the season, as they provide a temperate climate, suitable for many plants. Developed and designed with care from high-quality materials, conservatories bring in freshness and comfort into your newly built or renovated home. The variety of solutions and constructions available enables us to design and build the conservatory that suits your taste and dreams. The high-tech solutions make it possible to create a perfect aesthetic environment of the closed space while preserving the functional characteristics such as thermal insulation or wind and moisture protection.

We at Alumina Elite offer a variety of options for roof design, and an option for all systems to be combined with folding or sliding doors. We make our conservatories using Schüco’s façade systems.