Voucher Scheme for the Provision of Services

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General purpose of the project: The Voucher Scheme for the Provision of Information and Communication Technology Services (“voucher scheme”) is aimed at increasing the capacity of Bulgarian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for competitive and sustainable business in emerging markets by providing of services related to the use of information and communication technologies. The successful implementation of the voucher scheme will contribute to the development of Bulgarian SMEs and stimulate their main activities by transforming business and information processes based on information and communication systems and applications. The Type 2 Group 2 Voucher for optimisation of management, production and logistics processes is going to be covered using funds from Operational programme “Innovations and Competitiveness” 2014–2020, the total amount of the grant being 20,000 BGN, where 17,000 BGN comes from European and 3000 BGN from Bulgarian co-funding schemes.