Movable partitions

The sound-proof movable solid partitions and movable glass doors offered by Alumina Elit are an essential means for a creative approach to interior design. Conference rooms and offices today can benefit from flexible space management. These systems let you alter office sizes easily, flexibly and quickly, so that they can be adapted to the different spaces their users require.  This way, floor plans become multi-functional and more spatially efficient.


Movable solid sound-dampening partitioning system with an in-plane streamlined look. Made of aluminium, with a double solid panel.

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ART sliding

Viennese glazing bars movable partition made of aluminium profiles, with single glazing or an insulated glass unit.

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Comfort sliding

Interior slide made of aluminium with spacious glass surface.

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Sliding single glass

Interior slide without upright aluminium profiles and an all-glass look.

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